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Working on the clothing prompt still, for a joint exhibition with my fabulous Markmakers, and something about this weird one is calling out to me. Clothing indistinct, the face too, but I find that interesting. Loathe to change it just … Continued


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Odd, yes, I know. Thinking about clothing for an exhibition with the lovely Markmakers. Finding my way. A lot going through my mind. There may be paper patterns. Stitching a distinct possibility. Out of my comfort zone. Always a good … Continued


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Making do with very little. A pad of paper, a handful of paint tubes, no mediums, used a spatula, a hard pencil and some sticks. Thought I was using acrylics. Turns out they were watercolours, so straight from the tubes … Continued


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Not normally one for a landscape but am getting ready for a collaboration with Moor poets. So a first stab then.