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Have gone a bit mad with the bonkers faces …

Dartmoor still a mystery

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Working with the Moor Poets and the Totnes Markmakers. This quick 30 minute splash of colour, possibly too much colour, as I still search for the history, the people, the secrets, the stories, the words, beneath the bleak landscape of … Continued

Unearthing Dartmoor

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A CT scan slice through the Dartmoor rocks, the mile below fascinating me far more than the moorland surface. Still working on this for an exhibition, a collaboration between the Markmakers and Moor Poets, for Dartmoor Trust..


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Working on the clothing prompt still, for a joint exhibition with my fabulous Markmakers, and something about this weird one is calling out to me. Clothing indistinct, the face too, but I find that interesting. Loathe to change it just … Continued